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Refrigerator brands


What are the best Refrigerator Brands?
There are numerous refrigerator brands available in the market nowadays, each brand has its own unique qualities. When buying a refrigerator, it is important to buy one which was manufactured by a well known company, so that there will be support and warranty, and that replacement parts will be available.

some of the well known refrigerator brands include:

GE Refrigerator
It is among the products manufactured by the General electric company and has been perfected and improved by research that lasted many years. The company is the second largest corporation in the world. it roots back from Thomas Edison. GE was a product of a merger between Thomas-Edision electric company and Edison General Electric company back in 1892. There were as one of the  best fridge in the United stars for 2010.

Frigidaire Refrigerators
This company was originally called Guardian refrigerator company and was formed in 1916  .In 1916 this brand was the first to make self contained refrigerators. They are the first ones who started producing the refrigerators models and many of the 'antique' refrigerators are manufactured by them because of their unquestionable durability and classic style. They come in various models , the top freezer are valued between 800 and 220 dollars while the side by side go for approximately 1000 dollars.

LG Refrigerators

Line of LG refrigerators has a great history. LG is a big conglomerate  corporation. It was founded in South Korea around 1947. Originally it was known as Lucky-GoldStar. The LG refrigerators are manufactured by the LG electronics division. Goldstar appliances were initially seen as an affordable alternatives to some American brands like Kenmore, Maytag, and Whirlpool. Today, LG is considered as a discount brand in the eyes of most of the people, because they the low end of refrigerators. Anyway, products manufactured by LG has become more reliable and attractive while they are still affordable.

Whirlpool Refrigerators
They recently acquired the Maytag brand. This therefore encompasses Maytag to the wonderful company of refrigerators manufacturers such as LG, Frigidaire and Samsung. Whirlpool without doubt is one of the most affordable and reliable refrigerator manufacturers. Therefore, people who are looking for affordable but good freezer fridge, this brand may be a great solution. Currently this brand has 66 various models which go for roughly 550$ to around $3000. Most of this fridges has energy start classification.

Samsung refrigerators
Samsung is known for innovation and they have leverage the appliance by developing the most intriguing  and advanced refrigerator models. Besides creating many unique and elegant designs 
they found ways of maximizing the interior storage space. Being the largest home electronics manufacturer had gave Samsung the resources to develop and build the most sophisticated refrigerators today.

Kitchen Aid refrigerators
By no doubt, Kitchen Aid produces some of the top quality refrigerators in the market. The brand is an American one which has actually started as a division of Hobart which was a restaurant appliance maker
back in 1919. It was acquired by Whirlpool in 1986, because of its advanced quality and awesome features made it a big competitor to Whirlpool.  They are fancied by people all over the world especially as an option to a very expensive Subzero brand.

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